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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Bharatnatyam Basic Indian Classical dance Course 2, after 1

Bharatnatyam Basic Indian Classical dance Course 2, after 1

Bharatnatyam basic dance course level 2 after finishing course 1. Next set of steps. Adavus or fundamental dance steps. Hand and feet movements for beginners.
Starting level set of steps
First level steps after initial steps.
To do after course one certification for initial steps is done and certificate obtained.
Second set of basic steps

The course

This is the second of the set of the first ever Indian Classical dance courses for students here. It is her sincere attempt at popularizing the dance form from her native country, with the good intentions to spread its various health and holistic physical cum mental benefits and the diverse cultural heritage of her Motherland, as a patriotic citizen.

For those who are dancers from various countries or India wanting to learn the first fundamental lessons.

Starting steps and beginners lessons of Namaskaram, Thatadavus, Natadavus, Hasthas or Mudras - hand gestures and its meanings and uses in the dance. etc.

Dance course for beginners of the art form of Bharatnatyam, an Indian classical dance from South India, mainly TamilNadu.

About the teacher

The teacher has been taught by revered teachers from Kalakshetra, a premier institute of music and dance in Chennai, formerly Madras that imparts instruction in traditional art forms of India.

She has been learning from her Gurus, the late Shri Arvind and Smt. Vasanta Aravind for several years ever since she was a small child. Her gurus learnt from Smt. Rukmini, the founder of Kalakshetra. The couple have a dance school called Koothambalam at Chennai and Coimbatore that is now run by their daughter, Saatvika, an accomplished danseause and have taught many students at their school of art; some of whom have gone on to teach and perform later themselves.

Sarita Wariyer has performed both in India and Abroad, in both group and solo dances on stage, before various audiences.

She holds the title of Nanmani.

Sarita has learnt the dance from the tender age of 7 years and continued learning ever since.

She later gave solo performances for various organizations, several of them, being at literary persona!ities's gatherings, sport enthusiasts get togethers and medical professionals cultural functions.

She has also learnt the basics of other classical dance forms of India, Mohiniattam and Kathak.

Sarita has been teaching students for cultural performances and celebratory functions. She has also choreographed many dance pieces, as her original creative art items for performances on stage.

Her debut solo performance, the Arengetram with all the dance items learnt has been completed by her followed by many other such performances on T.V also.

She comes from a defence personnel family background. Both her grandfather and uncle served in the Indian army, as chief heads.

She is also a published writer, teacher for dyslexic students, volunteer for the blind and a mother to a cricket player and state level athlete.

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