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Sunday, September 29, 2019

C# basic :Learn C# basic fundamentals from scratch

C# basic :Learn C# basic fundamentals from scratch

C# is a beautiful cross-platform language that can be used to build a variety of applications. With C#, you can build mobile apps (for Windows, Android, and iOS), games, web sites and desktop applications

Once you master fundamentals of C# and programming with .NET framework, you'll have lots of options in front of you. You can choose to build mobile apps if you prefer, or you can change job and work as a web developer, or you can change that and become a Game developer us. As long as you know the fundamentals well, switching to different technology stacks is pretty easy.

n this course, Haris teaches you the fundamentals of C# programming in a clear, concise and step-by-step way. Not only that, but he'll also teach you best practices and shortcuts to help you become a better developer.

In C# Beginner Topics, Haris Walks you through the basic features of C# that are frequently used in building console applications:

Introductions to Data Types

Basic Declaration and Scope of Data Types

Nullable types

Literals and Dynamic initialization

Conditional Statements

Boolean Types

Arrays and Lists

Inheritance and their types

Interface declaration and its differentiation from classes


Build-in String and Math Functions

Method hiding and overriding

There are plenty of free tutorials and videos that teach you C# and they are great if all you want to learn is C# constructs. But if you want to learn C# and become a better programmer with a bright future and lots of options, this is the course for you. For every topic, not only will you learn the whats, but you'll also learn the whys and hows. You'll see common errors that pop up as part of developing applications with C#. Haris explains these errors in detail and shows you how to resolve them.

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