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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Management in Minutes: 3 Simple Steps to People Management

Management in Minutes 3 Simple Steps to People Management

Becoming a new manager can be overwhelming. You've probably been managed yourself before (well, or not so much?) so you may think you know how to start doing it yourself. But the idea is easier than in practice!

So how you do you start in putting good management practice in to place?

If you've been lucky and offered management training then make use of all the resources you can. But even with management training, there can be a lot of theory to learn and work through, and some bits may be more useful than others. If so, and you want to get and and running quickly with some basic management skill practices, then this may be the course for you.

And if you have not been offered any training at all, then there are lots of great resources out there, even for free. This course will give you a very simple and quick handle on what to concentrate on first - then look around and take your learning and development from there.

This course does not provide lots of theory, but just simple and practical advice to get up and running quickly. 3 simple, practical but powerful tools to start your management journey.

Why have team meetings? Learn how to implement structure and format, and how to review ongoing effectiveness.

Why it is important to have 121 dialogue with each member of your team? Learn how to structure and format 121 meetings so you develop relationships with individuals.

How to deliver feedback both positive and 'negative' (or developmental)? Learn 2 simple feedback methods that will help in having honest conversations.

Good luck!

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