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Monday, October 21, 2019

Books and finance

Books and finance

Books and Finance!

There is a close relationship between books and finances, books are like the mental gold you need to improve your life.

A good book always exceeds its value just like physical gold.

Books are weights for your brain. And the more books you read, the more you improve your brain.

And the more your brain becomes stronger you can perform and get better results.

I want you to have the mindset of a man looking for gold.

You need to take from the book a piece of knowledge that you can apply in your life.

If I give you an example from the richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder. He learned from Sam Walton's book,

he just copied Sam's formula.

And made the site(Amazon)where he can sell everything.

In the beginning Amazon. It was a website that sells only books.

But then Jeff Bezos understood that he can sell all products.

To Sam Walton was a desire to open physical stores that sell everything. Jeff Bezos wanted to build a site capable of selling everything.

That is to say, Jeff Bezos knew how to take information from this book and use it to build the Amazon

That we know today.

In my series of videos, books, and finances I am going to recommend the best books I have read, books that have changed my life,

In my books and finance course, I am going to teach you the following topics.

1 How To Develop Proper Financial Thinking And Which Are The 5 Tips To Help You Save Your “ real Money”

2 Why it is important to invest in physical gold and how to buy it

3 How to negotiate correctly

4 I'm going to tell you about the secrets behind the books that changed my life.

5 Why it is important to get up early in the morning. And how it is related to your financial situation.

If you like books that speak about business and money. And your financial situation is important to you. Or just want to learn why investing in gold is important. This digital course is for you.

Buy the course now.

And I'll see you on the other side.

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