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Friday, October 4, 2019

Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide

Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide

Copywriting is an art.’

You’ve surely heard this often and thought that since copywriting is an art, it’s not a skill that can be acquired.

This is probably why you didn’t take up copywriting as your profession even when you scored all A’s on your high-school English papers.

Well, that’s not true. Copywriting is as much a science as it is an art. In fact, sometimes more so.


You may have already taken on some copywriting or content writing projects. But without a clear copywriting process, you may find yourself stressed out at the prospect of actually writing.

The Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide taught by our copywriting expert, Anish Raul, is designed to make creative copywriting extremely logical which will enable you to write copies that leave a lasting impact.

Here’s everything you will find inside this Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide:

1. Basics of Copywriting:

Copywriting is all-pervasive - whether it’s an Egyptian pharaoh commanding his subjects to worship cats or you trying to convince a friend to catch a movie with you. But is it copywriting when you write a 700-word blog article about the harmful effects of caffeine? Or does that fall under content writing? Along with the clear definition of Copywriting, Content Writing and Content Marketing, this section will explain the different types of copies that you as a copywriter may have to write.

2. Applying Communication Process for Digital Copywriting:

Humans love talking and communicating. Some prefer communicating messages and emotions verbally and others do it with actions or gestures. As a copywriter, understanding the communication process will help you understand how to communicate with your audience through your copywriting, the obstacles you may face in effectively delivering your message, and how to update your copywriting process based on their feedback.

3. Guidelines that make Copywriting and Content Creation a science:

Your audience is far more alert today as compared to the early days of advertising. Any sexist, racist or inappropriately humored ad will attract criticism and result in loss of clients. Which is why you, as a copywriter, have to be on high-alert as well during your copywriting process. This section on copywriting guidelines will help you prepare a checklist of all the copywriting principles, things to do and some things to absolutely avoid.

4. Copywriting Techniques and Approaches:

There are two truths to the copywriting process: no copywriter or content writer can start writing as soon as they hit the desk. Second, every copywriter encounters writer’s block at some point or the other. The classic copywriting formulas and copywriting approaches taught by the industry expert Anish Raul in this section will help you overcome common copywriting hurdles in an effective manner.

5. Elements of an Ad:

Whether it’s a digital ad or a print ad, there are several elements and components in it. There’s the image, the big text inside the image, the other smaller text that follows and the chunky paragraph that delivers the main information. In the Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide, this is the section where you find out the technical terms of the components that go into creating an ad where copywriting plays an essential role.

6. Advertising and Marketing Appeals that help with Copywriting and Content Creation:

Some of the best copywriting ads in the history of advertising have connected with us on a certain level. While Coca Cola’s ‘I’d like to buy the world a coke’ made us want to go out and have a Coke right away, Wendy’s ‘Where the Beef?’ made us laugh. This is evidence why you should use emotions in your copywriting to interest and attract your target audience and in this section, our copywriting-expert teaches you just that.

7. Copywriting Processes you can follow:

Before you start writing anything, you should have a direction. Hence, the first step of your copywriting process should be creating a detailed brief. This copywriting brief will then help you in the next steps of your copywriting and content writing process, right from competition analysis to editing copy drafts and building on the client’s or customer’s feedback. Get all the information on how to go about this copywriting process in this section.

8. Achieving balance between Design and Copy:

The success of any advertisement doesn’t depend solely on the copy itself. The art and the design of the ad should also complement the copy and deliver the intended message. When your copy and art complement each other, you are creating a brand experience for your consumers which will stay with them longer and have a higher recall value. This section will teach you how to tweak your copywriting process to achieve that harmony.

9. Content Creation for Social Media:

When the brand’s audience is on Facebook, or LinkedIn or YouTube, your copies have to be optimized for the relevant platform. Different social media platforms have different purposes and the intent of the audience active on them will also differ. Understand the user intent, platform purpose and content creation techniques in this section of the Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide.

10. Copywriting Tools and Copy Presentation Techniques:

Content writing, content marketing and copywriting are all mixtures of science and creativity. You will require copywriting and content creation tools time and again to assist you in creating stellar copies that make everyone stop and pay attention. You’re going to learn about some simple and ready-to-use copywriting tools and techniques in this section.

And of course, IIDE’s trademark bonus lectures to ensure your learning continues.

Copywriting, content writing and content marketing, in fact digital marketing as a whole, are constantly evolving to match up with changing customer expectations and emotions. Keep an eye out on this section for more lectures on copywriting, content writing and content marketing.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some vintage copywriting techniques that are relevant even today. You will also learn about copywriting and content marketing strategies which will help you hone your skills for the future.

The Digital Copywriting & Content Creation Guide is also filled with assignments which will give you abundant opportunities to implement your copywriting learning and some resources that you can refer to in the future.

You will also get:

Lifetime access to interesting copywriting case studies and tips

Fast and Friendly Support for any Copywriting queries in the Q&A section

A 30 day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Udemy Certification of Completion

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Be sure to have a notepad ready to take down all copywriting tips and advice provided by our industry-expert Anish Raul and actively start using your words to sell your brand’s products or services!

About the Trainer:

A champion at making use of story-telling, humor, emotions, data, and technology, Anish is an award-winning Copywriter, Content Creator, and Marketer. With an extensive experience of working with top brands across India, Anish has been the driving force behind some national as well as international award-winning campaigns for renowned brands.

Anish has been responsible for the content creation and marketing for more than 50 web series, TV shows, and movies.

Anish’s lively approach of delivering knowledge has made him students’ favorite at IIDE for all things related to Copywriting and Design and thus, the perfect trainer to learn Copywriting from!

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