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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Transcription happens Automatically - with Amazon Transcribe

Transcription happens Automatically - with Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a Powerful Speech Recognition Service by AWS(Amazon Web Services) one of the biggest Cloud Platform out there, Amazon Transcribe falls under their Machine Learning Category but they have made it so easy to handle it by anyone by providing a simple user interface where one can select a number of parameters to create a Transcription Job and provide the Audio/Video file URL from S3 bucket and the service than transcribes the Audio/Video file and delivers the textual output on screen or into an S3 bucket that we choose.

This course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in learning Amazon Transcribe to do auto-transcription by defining the Transcription Jobs.
  • Anyone working in Transcription industry would get benefited from learning Amazon Transcribe.
  • If you are doing manual transcriptions currently than you must try to use this service to auto-transcribe the media files or speech.
  • If you are a freelancer or a cloud solution provider and want to generate a proof-of-concept for delivering Amazon Transcribe as a Project to your clients then this course is an ideal option to start with, as it covers everything from securing your root account, applying MFA, segregating Access using IAM Users/Groups, keeping S3 buckets private, segregating input and output buckets for better management, keeping Security Group for EC2 instance Access limited to your Public IP Address only, following all the best practices, accessing Amazon Transcribe using Console, CLI(Windows), CLI(Linux CentOS), Python SDK, it also gives insights to use AWS's own services for logging, monitoring and alerting if you want to fulfill a compliance requirement, Also we will see how to keep tap on billing by configuring automatic alerts for monthly bills.

A brief intro about Course Structure:

  • This course has been divided into multiple Sections, A Section is nothing but a long video divided into multiple videos to keep the content easy to digest in small chunks.
  • Section-2 contains all of the Theory Lectures in it, Theory Lectures are kept short and to the point to make you aware of supported languages, supported regions, key features, benefits, technical specs and some of the related services used with Amazon Transcribe.
  • Section-3 to Section-12 are demonstration Videos, where you will learn various things about Amazon Transcribe and some of the related services, I will show you how you can handle Amazon Transcribe using AWS Management Console, CLI(on Windows), CLI(on Linux), SDK for Python.

Some of the Unique Features of this Course are:

  • We are not going to use Administrator Access Policy for any of our Users/Groups.
  • We will make our root account more secure by using Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA).
  • We are going to follow the principle of least privileges to give only the required rights to a user as much they need as per their role.
  • We will define Groups and Users and apply the AWS Managed policies to them collectively.
  • We will follow all the best practices along the way.
  • We will use AWS in-built Services for Logging(CloudTrail), Monitoring(CloudWatchEvents) & Alerting(SNS) our Transcription Jobs.
  • We will configure billing alerts so that we don't get charged for the services left running un-intentionally and can take the required action.
  • We will run Transcription Jobs via Console, CLI and using Python Script.
  • I will explain each and everything that comes on the screen, I will also explain every command and syntax that we will follow.
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to handle your AWS Account independently to operate Amazon Transcribe in a Secure and Systematic way.

Some of the Unique Features of Amazon Transcribe:

  • It converts speech-into-text, speech can be in Audio or Video format or coming directly from your Computer/Tablet/IOT device's Microphone.
  • It can transcribe multiple input files simultaneously and delivers the output via an S3 bucket or Console.
  • It gives us the facility to create Custom Vocabulary using which we can make Amazon Transcribe understand the words that are domain-specific and currently hard to understand by the service.
  • The service is capable of transcribing in 14 languages.
  • The service takes FLAC, MP3, MP4, or WAV as input files and converts them into text.
  • The service is capable of doing Channel identification and Speaker identification.
  • The service gives us the confidence score(from 0.0 to 1.0, where 1.0 is 100% accurate and 0.50 is 50% accurate) and timestamps for each word that it attempts to transcribe.
  • The service is evolving in a great manner and new features get added to it every alternate month or so, service is expanding to support new languages and supported regions.

You will get with this Course:

  • Almost accurate Sub-titles in English on each Video without Turning ON the Captions.
  • All information that you saw in demo videos available to you in PDF form in the resources section of the relevant video.
  • All the links that are visited in videos are also added to the resources section of each video.
  • All JSON files shown under videos are available in a template form(you need to enter your own parameters to use them) in a relevant video.
  • Sample Audio and Video files that I have used in my demonstration videos are also provided to you under the resources section of the relevant video.
  • Full Course Transcripts in PDF format like an ebook.
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