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Monday, October 7, 2019

How to GROW and get VERIFIED on Instagram

How to GROW and get VERIFIED on Instagram

Join serial successful entrepreneur Parham Donyai AKA @F17ONE on Instagram as he takes you through a unique journey, starting from the basics of Instagram, how to use it to post photos and videos, all the way to how you can grow your instagram account to thousands of followers, utilise all the tools such as stories, IGTV and Live feeds. He also gives you tips on how you can get the elusive blue tick and be verified on Instagram and tells you how he got verified.

Unlike other courses on Instagram where the instructor doesn’t even have an Instagram account for themselves, let alone any followers, @F17ONE is a genuine account, started, grown and verified by your lecturer Parham Donyai. This course is moistly explanatory videos and there are no screen-shots for you to follow. Ideally you should have your Instagram App opened as you listen to the modules.

Current statistics for @F17ONE are:


3m impressions a month

10-20k video views per post

1000-3000 likes per post

10-300 comments per post

The above are genuine, steady and REAL data from just one account operated by your instructor and you will learn how to achieve the above and even more. Stick to the course, follow the secret tips and methods given to you in this course and you are guaranteed to grow your Instagram account to a few thousand at the very least. You can also become verified on Instagram, though this is not guaranteed and will depend very much on you doing what is shared with you in the course and the decision of Instagram.

Please do not confuse this course with other courses where someone is just regurgitating what they have learnt from youtube or reading the Internet! This course has been written and filmed from the ground up by an influencer with a real account and currently very much active on Instagram and you can check it out for yourself! Just go to Instagram and look up @F17ONE. He is your instructor in this course.

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