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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Make Power Wheels Faster With Aftermarket Batteries

Make Power Wheels Faster With Aftermarket Batteries

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know step by step by step to make a Power Wheels vehicle go faster using aftermarket batteries. I will go over the exact tools and materials need to complete this course successfully including:
  • Wire Crimpers
  • Inline Fuse Holders
  • Fuses
  • Wire
  • Bullet and Spade Connectors
  • Charger

I will provide direct links to all of the tools and materials I recommend and personally use myself. Then I will teach you the basics of voltage and amp hours along with an introduction to the after market batteries that I recommend. After that I will teach you how to prepare an aftermarket battery for use in a Power Wheels. This includes preparing an inline fuse holder that will replace the built in circuit protection that comes with Power Wheels branded batteries. I will also teach you how remove the stock female connector that you can use with your after market batteries as a way to not have to cut the wires on your vehicle. Then we will go over charging, which charger to buy and why. I will talk about the main benefits of going with an after market charger.

Finally, we will get to the good part where we will wire a 12 volt and a 6 volt battery together in series which will make your vehicle go 50% faster. We will end with some tips and tricks and even let you watch me during a live demo as I do an intake on two vehicles that I just recently picked up from a thrift shop.

You are going to love this course. THIS is the course I wish I would have had when I was getting started. I look forward to seeing what you will build!

-James Hurst

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