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Thursday, October 3, 2019

MySQL,SQL Database Developer Bootcamp:||Hindi||Urdu||

MySQL,SQL Database Developer BootcampHindiUrdu

As Ex-Assistant Professor,I distilled all my experience in this course,This course is not watch me over the shoulder, but full of exercises, challenges and quizzes and you will get your hands dirty with coding from the beginning.

Are your Confused about MySQL and SQL? MySQL is Database Management System, while SQL is a language.

Do you want to learn SQL and but you dont know where to start.Do you want to learn MySQL but are too intimidated. Skills you will learn here can apply to MongoDB, PostgresSQL,and many more.

You want to get the most in demand skill by recent employer Survey,but, don't know which is the most comprehensive course. Congratulations.

You have made the right choice,

This course will take you from beginner from No, Coding or Database experience in SQL and MySQL to an professional level where You will easily be able to understand and use concepts like Aggregate functions, Many to Many relations and Much More advanced concepts along with their application to real world databases which will be provided in the course.

In this course along with many things, you learn

1- Analysed a Linkedin Database

2- Write Quarry and Built Udemy Course review App.

3- Built MySQL/SQL powered Web Application as Bonus Section.

4- Solve More than 120 Exercises and Challenges.

5- You will work with large databases mimicking real world application.

6- 17 Hours of exhaustive SQL Programming in which you will learn to see data from different perspective.

7- Entire Sections Dedicated to Exercises and Challenges which will test your Knowledge.

8- You will learn about Django Web Frame work and How to connect it with MySQL as Bonus

9- You will learn how to write and Execute SQL Quarries in Python code As Bonus.

So let’s do this! Enroll today and start learning SQL, You will have 30 Day Money Back  Guarantee.

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