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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Learn Spring Boot the Easy Way!

Learn Spring Boot the Easy Way!

Spring Boot makes it easy to create production-grade stand-alone Spring based Applications that you can "just run". But wait!! What does that even mean? Well, if you have the question, you must watch this video. In this video we will explore the following topics

I challenge you!

You've been hearing about Spring Boot, but you didn't quite understand what it is, it's purpose, the problem it solves, the features it offers, etc.. Well, this course will bring you clarity on the same.

Spring boot is now a 'Must Know' skill for pros. All the corporations are moving from Monolithic architecture to Microservices and Spring Boot, by far the best technology!

Watch this mini course completely and you no longer have to waste time, trying to understand it!

you will learn..

What is spring boot?

what does spring boot do?

Spring boot starter dependencies


Spring boot initializer

Spring tool suite

spring boot in eclipse

Spring boot example

Embedded servers

Fat Jar, Self contained jar, Runnable jar

Installing JDK & Maven

Understanding Maven Dependencies

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